Myth of a woman / Goðsögn um konu

In connection with Agnieszka Sosnowska exhibition; Goðsögn um konu/Myth of a Women,at the Photo gallery in the National Museum of Iceland. The museum publishes a book with a selection of photographs by Agnieszka. The book includes articles by Ingunn Snædal, poet and translator, and by Kat Kiernan editor and managing director of Panoptican Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts.  The exhibition and catalogue are the results of a project that Agnieszka worked on under the title Goðsögn um konu / Myth of a Women. The project received fundings from the Hjálmar R. Bárðarson's fund, from the Icelandic Museum of Photography two years ago. The book is 80 pages.

The book's designer is Nuno Moreira.

Author: Agnieszka Sosnowska. Text authors: Ingunn Snædal and Kat Kiernan.

5,990 kr.